"Your words have no power to alter the truth. Your perception does not affect any reality but your own... it is your words and deeds that cast your reflection. "

~Luna Jade, musician

Monday, August 6, 2007

Memories of Crosscreek Dr

It was a bit of a tight squeeze in that 2 bedroom townhouse. Im not even going to try and sort this stop out as there were so many comings and goings with this family. There always seemed to be some drama going on. I ~think~ this first time in her house (yeah later we were there a couple other times again for a different reasons) it was just the 5 of us, her & her hubby, me & my hemorrhoid and her pregnant daughter. I dont remember why the daughter's husband wasnt there. I do know he was a loser and a half. It could be that they were in a rough patch and he was off living with his mother. It was a good idea he wasnt under that roof as I wasnt overly fond of him. Kind of hard to be fond of someone when he's done dirt to you personally. What did he do you ask? Well, while we were packing and cleaning up at the Randolph location the daughter, her hubby (the one that gave my then spouse run for the Idiot of the Year award) and a friend of her hubby's were hired to clean up the back yard. There was mowing, weeding and several other things that needed doing that we didnt have equipment to do and they were hired to take care of that. What a mistake that was. Yeah granted I didnt have nothing nice to say about the landlord at the time, but that doesnt give you the right for you and your buddy to come in and trash the house that Im desparately trying to clean. We'd gotten a call while packing and needed to leave the house for a bit. With the gal being pregnant and trusting her, we'd left the house unlocked incase she needed the bathroom or they needed something to drink. I gather that she'd had to leave for a bit, leaving the guys to work and while unattended the friend (possibly the husband too) came into the house and took catshit and wiped it all down the wall coming down the staircase. When my then hubby and I came home, everyone was gone. The house was completely unattended at all. Granted the yard was done, but still. They knew where we were headed so there was no real excuse...unless her water broke and that wasnt the case. I get in the house and damn it stunk! The house didnt smell this bad when we left. That's when I noticed the shitmarks on the wall. Jim called southern mamma at the school (she worked summers there too in the offices) and talked to her while I was crying. I had worked so hard and it was just awful. Top things off, they wrecked the door to the shed out back. I was hysterical. Well our friend sent the son-in-law and his bud over to make things right and you can be sure I ripped in real good when they arrived. The shed was explained that the wood was old and it came apart as they cleaned up (BS...it only gets that way when you put a foot through the door). The catshit was explained as "maybe the cat did it". That one I ripped into....and told them that was fkn BS because it would have meant the cat started at the top of the stair case, jumped up 3' in the air, put her ass on the wall and magically slid down the wall at a 45 degree angle somehow managing to keep ass-wall contact the whole way down. Needless to say a physical impossibility. They had been instructed by southern momma to call when they got there and she could hear me ripping into them over the phone. She told them that I was right and they needed to clean it up and not to expect payment after that (although I did at least pay the daughter half for her work). Anyhow...it's a good thing he wasnt under that roof at that point as it wouldnt have been pleasant AT ALL.

I remember little of this stay at southern mamma's house as we were under her roof a couple other times as well due to vehicle or weather problems and all the stays are pretty much running together in my mind. I do remember the fights werent as frequent here and when they did happen they were done quietly after all were in bed. The daughter gave birth during this visit too. The child was a little boy and had the misfortune of looking alot like his dad.... right down to the wrinkle on his forehead.

I remember having to put my babies into a cage in the backyard because southern mamma ended up allergic to Fizzi and not only were the allergies bad, but it turned into asthma as well. I remember trying to fix things by cutting Fizzi's fur down some but she wouldnt sit still and that's why we ended up opting for the cages. It was so damn hot out there too. I felt so bad but there wasnt much else we could do at the time short of making sure there was alot of water and put tarps up to shade them. I remember hearing the dogs (she had 2 chihuahuas out there in their own cage) acting up and someone yelling something about a Rotty heading for the backyard. I was on my feet and out the sliding door to the backyard but fast. As the Rotty took the corner and came into the backyard I had gotten between it and my cats armed with a heavy shovel. It slid to a halt when it realized there was a very angry human back there. Not only did I look enraged but I was actually growling...showing my teeth and all. There was no way in hell I was allowing that thing near my babies. The dog's owner followed in close pursuit and I could hear my southern mamma saying something about "we'd better go rescue your dog". When he made the corner he saw what she meant and got his dog on a leash FAST. Imagine chasing your dog around the corner and coming face to face with a woman who looked (and sounded) meaner than your dog...yeah you get the picture. It took my southern mamma to get that shovel out of my hands.

I remember spending alot of time typing at her house. Same as I had been in the house on Randolph. I had different classes to type up this time so little of what I typed the year before could be reused for the second year there. While we stayed I typed not only Jim's stuff but the occassional thing for southern mamma. I did it so she had some free time and since she was cooking for us I figured it was an even trade. After a few weeks we got tired of being cramped in there and damn I was tired of my poor babies suffering in the heat so we decided to move. It was bad enough seeing my southern mamma suffer from the allergies and the cats suffering the heat, but the daughter relished in reminding us that that's precisely why mom was sick. Yeah the daughter was a real bitch at times. I dont know what it was, but I hear she treated most gals who got close to her mother the same way. I think it stems from her being the only girl in the family for a long time and maybe a fear that she was going to lose her mom's love. That wasnt the case, but who knows.


ChicagoLady said...

"your hemorrhoid" LMAO

I can't believe those idiots would do that to the house as you were trying to clean it! What a**holes!

I have this image of you, snarling and growling, with a shovel in your hand, protecting the cats, NOT a pretty site! Bet that dog was scared shitless, lmao.

LadyStyx said...

Yes....it's an ugly sight. LOL

The Rotty scared shitless....would explain the bare spot that lingered in the yard.....

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