"Your words have no power to alter the truth. Your perception does not affect any reality but your own... it is your words and deeds that cast your reflection. "

~Luna Jade, musician

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Still at Carrollwood...from the school to TRU

That night when we got home, I fired up my computer and started looking for another job. Of course idiotboy couldnt be bothered to cook or do anything to help out while I was trying to find a job. All he could do is whine that I lost my job and that we wouldnt have our summers off together anymore. So I started supper and scanned positions when I could sit down for a couple minutes or so. Nothing. I spruced up my resume and did a coverletter so we could go out and fill out apps.

One of my stops while we were out was at Toys R Us. I dropped off a coverletter and resume packet at the service desk. It was a Sunday afternoon and they were kind of busy but the clerk at the desk called the manager on duty so I could hand it over to him. I remember thinking he was a grouch and a half and figured my chances werent good if that was the manager of the store (thankfully it was an assistant manager). The next evening I started looking online to see if I could narrow my job hunt down some and lo and behold I found an ad on Monster for Toys R Us. The store I was targeting was hiring bigtime...all department manager positions. I took the time to fill out an app and emailed the coverletter and resume to the store. Within 30 minutes I got a call...from Toys R Us. It was the store manager wanting to talk to me....could I possibly come in for an interview tomorrow? Hell yeah. The next day I go in and meet with this 6'3" black guy in a clown wig. My first words? "Wow, umm, I feel completely underdressed now... I knew I should have worn my big red nose and floppy shoes..." It was so good to have my prospective boss laughing already. We hit it off famously and I was invited back for a second interview with the district manager the following week. I was told, however, that if it was his choice I'd be hired now. *WHOOT*

The next week I walk in for my interview and end up in a room of 8 other prospective associates. Hmmm. Needless to say Im worried and beginning to think Im not going to get a job here. I didnt realize they were hiring for so many positions. Nearly everyone that was in that room got hired on that day. Anyhow, I get called in the office to meet the DM and the store manager. Yet again I hit it off with them. I had to laugh because the DM looked at me strange when I opened my mouth the first time. I asked him what was wrong and he said.. "you aint from around these parts are you?" LOL I told him nope...I'd only been in state since 1996. He goes "I thought so...you sound like a Yankee....New England maybe?" *laffs*I said yes. Once I said yes he fine tuned it to New York, central New York. I just looked at him and figured he got it from the resume but Mr J (the store manager) looked just as baffled because the DM hadnt seen any of the paperwork, it had been locked away until the meetings. The DM smiled and explained he was from Syracuse, NY (infact he still had the NY accent from that area) and said I sounded like home to him. aww *tear* After another lengthy conversation, I was informed I was hired for the receiving area. Cool. Plus I was making a good $3/hr more than I was at the school....even better.

This new job meant things lightened up on me at home for a couple weeks. When school started back up though, it was a different matter. I was still expected to type all his crap up for him and cook and clean as though nothing had changed. It didnt matter that I was pulling 40 hours a week. Things got rougher still when Mr J started giving me a few more hours during the week. It got to 45 hours then 50 hours and idiotboy was still wanting stuff done around home. I told him he needed to pick up the slack some because obviously I cant do it all. This comment fell on deaf ears. It didnt matter that I was going in every day at 6am and then not getting out until 7 or 8pm.


ChicagoLady said...

LMAO, I loved how you started off with the store manager when he was wearing the clown wig!

If idiotboy had started helping around home like you needed him to do, I don't think things would have ended like they did, so in the long run, it was for the best.

Are there any Toys R Us' around there for you to work at?

LadyStyx said...

Not unless I want to pay an arm and a partial leg in cab fares.

Always used to be like that....kidding around with my bosses. At times I swear I was treated more like an equal than an underling....especially when they'd come to me for ideas. Maybe they just understood that I tended to think differently. Mr J came to me alot because I could see both how he looked at things but was also seeing it from the employee's eyes as well.