"Your words have no power to alter the truth. Your perception does not affect any reality but your own... it is your words and deeds that cast your reflection. "

~Luna Jade, musician

Friday, December 9, 2011

Intermission, final thoughts

Ok, yes, on one hand I found it to be a creepy little place. At least at that point in my life. However, now that I'm removed from the situation, I can look back and see that the place itself wasn't really all that bad. How so?

For one thing, that neighbor who made me get the "We've come full circle" feeling turned out to be a doll and a half. I wouldn't trade her for the world. That man she was with turned out to be a creep and a half but he seemed to be fine to me. Then again, manipulative assholes are like that towards others. They show the world what they WANT them to see, not how they truly are. I know that now, but back then the lesser of the two evils I was facing was living with the neighbor-lady.

For another, yeah the place was a bit cramped and all, but it wouldn't have been so bad  if there'd been some money to work with for the basics. Things like a decent set of drapes for all the rooms... some furniture, hell screw that, a BED would have been nice.... and a refrigerator, yeah that would have been awesome. A lot fewer in the Pussycat posse would have been nice too. Other than that, there was plenty of closet space and the room size was reasonable for the most part.

The town was smallish and reminded me a bit of Main Street, East Syracuse. There was a very comfy feel to it and I wasn't really afraid to leave the house on my own. I loved the walk to the bus stop. Ok, so it was a couple blocks away... but I got to pass some nice small shops on the way and check out the displays in the windows. There was also a great little pizza place just around the corner. There are a couple really nice diners in town and the laundromat was just down the road. If it wasn't for the fact that I'd had a terrible time of it there, I'd go back. Unfortunately, my last trip back made me so very sick and it wasn't from anything I ate (stress will do that to you).

If there was just one thing I could have changed..... it would have made all the difference in the world.


ChicagoLady said...


Intense Guy said...

It's a shame that a 'nice town' has such a negative 'aura' about it that it destroys your ability to be comfortable there. I know it's not the same town you are writing about but is Main Street East Syracuse still a nice place?

I hear they got a bunch of lake effect snow up that way recently - and it's drab brown and cold here... I know that makes a snowbunny grumpy. :)

LadyStyx said...

*nods @ Chicago*

I really don't know, iggy. Haven't been there in awhile. When I compared it to Main St E.Syracuse it was mostly a reference to the types of businesses down the road. Kinda like a low to medium commercial type area with diners, hardware stores and the like.