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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Final Days at Peck Road

Like I said in my other entry, the game plan was to stay with WalMart as that would give us a huge leg up. He'd be making a bit more than me (for a change) and things should be fine right? Anyhow, on the trip back to NY I was looking over the app for the school and at least considering a parttime position on my off days to help out with phones or filing. I kind of put it in the back of my mind for future reference.

When we got back, I had to let my lead over at Home Depot know there wasnt a chance as hubby finally got a job and it was out of state. She was dissappointed but very happy for me at the same time. I let my bosses know that I had to move and would like a transfer to a store in the area where we'd be. They told me I had to call and talk to the manager down there, if it was ok with him, it was ok by them. The manager in the Marrero (Mah- rare- roh), La store. He really balked at paying me the amount I was making in NY but eventually said yes because I was willing to work nights and he needed another person on receiving.

We had 3 weeks before we had to be in Louisiana for dingbat's job so in the last 2 weeks at WalMart, I'd come home with boxes upon boxes and pack. We had a few arguements on what could go and what was to be pitched (books I can understand...but cardboard squares you've been hanging on to for years and years because you use them for "elections" and "war simulations" should become BBQ fodder). I ended up having to sacrifice our sofa (which was in awesome shape and was gotten for free) to make room for some of his shit because he "simply couldnt live without it". A 24' UHaul trailor PACKED solid ceiling to floor (I worked in receiving for a while remember...I do know how to pack a truck and not waste space), front (even in the overhang over the cab) to back and 1/3 of it was easily his books, videos and games. We even had to load the car up (it was being towed behind)...yes he had that much stuff. We did end up getting a donation from his folks of the white wicker loveseat and chair set so we'd at least have SOMETHING to sit on in the livingroom.

So I'd work all day and then pack for a few hours each night. I got as much as I could done each day. Would it surprise you if I said that easily 1 box out of every 5 I packed managed to get unpacked the next day because there was something he simply could NOT do without? No, I didnt think you'd be surprised. Oh, and NO he didnt help pack until the last couple days at which time we were in panic pack mode. What, you're not surprised there either?

The trip was rather uneventful. He was happy he had a real job and so there wasnt much fighting. There wasnt time for fighting anyhow because alot of the time I was either reading out loud (Star Trek books, something we both seemed to enjoy reading) or sleeping. I travel real well so long as we stop every couple hours or so to stretch and grab a break and then shut up so I can sleep. I simply dont stay awake during long trips. It took us 3 days to get to our new home. We even had mail waiting on us when we arrived. You'd think with all the schmoozing the headmaster was doing that we'd have some help at the house when we arrived. Ummm nope. Not a soul showed up to help out. Yeah. Some southern hospitality there. It was hot as hell that day too. The kind of day you step outside and think you stepped into a pool but without the benefit of the cooling sensation. Needless to say we ended up unpacking after the sun went down. We had the UHaul rented (thanks to his dad) for a week so we got half done the first night and the rest the next day. When did help arrive? The next day when all the boxes were unloaded and we had to return the truck.

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Intense Guy said...

With all your "retail experince", a place like WalMart would be wise to give you an entire store to run.

Your resume - although it probably is littered with short periods of here, there, and then somewhere else - would mean you have seen a lot of "ways things are done" and learn how things "should be done" if they had the brains to realize that.