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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Entry for April 22, 2006

I know...this isnt photo from the past....
Where was I...Oh yeah the first trailor. It was a white singlewide in a park that had a ditch down the middle. Off to the one side just outside the park's limits were 2 very nice houses. My best friend at the time lived in the furthest one away from us, but it was still in walking distance. I was then kinda like I am now...everyone knows my name but doesnt really KNOW me. I had few friends...very few friends. Those that I had were dear to me. There was my best friend and her sister. Right next door for a short while was a couple with 2 little girls about my age. I remember my mom making teddy bears for them and made one for me as well. I still have that bear to this day and he's the only one that has a name (a throw back from when I was namin my stuffed toys). His name is Ralph (he's the dark brown handmade bear with the blue eyes in the above photo). You may want to remember this name because there's a funny story about Ralph later ;) . About 3-4 houses down was an older girl that I liked to visit now and then. She was nice enough to keep a few of us entertained for a while though so our folks could visit or run errands. On the other side of the ditch in another section of park was a gal whose mom was friends with mine. I remember spending overnights there sometimes when my best friend's mom was too busy to babysit. The gal was different from most of the other kids and they didnt much like her. Only difference between her and the rest is that she had Spina Bifida (spelling??) and couldnt do alot that the others could do. There was also a family down the row from us that had 2 little boys. The youngest was about my age and cute as all get out and the older boy was well...ummm....a very nice person (let's not be judging covers of books now). The older boy was about 2 years older than me. I remember a bunch of us getting together (those 2 boys, my best friend and her sister, my bro and a few others) and we'd play in this empty lot. We kinda had to as there was no playground there at the time ( I tend to doubt there's one now as my last trip to see the place revealed it to have gotten very run down....extremely low rent type area). We always liked goin to that lot after a big rainstorm because there was a huge (well relatively huge to a 5-6 yr old) crater that would fill up with water. We'd float cans and boats in it and pretend to fish. I remember learning to ride a bike by myself on my best friend's bike (she was 3 year younger and the bike much too small but I was so proud when I could get it to work all by myself). I wasnt exactly the most graceful child and it was the age of 7 before I showed any interest in a bike. LOL I was sooooo too big for it but I managed. Shortly after learning on the smaller bike I got one of my own. It was soooo cool. I must have gotten it in 1976. It was all white with a bicentennial banana seat on it (red, white and blue with patriotic print everywhere). I loved to go speeding around on that bike. I'd ride it in the community clothing lines (they had a section for the park residents to hang their wet laundry as the yards were too small to put clothin lines up in) while mom was doing the laundry or I'd ride up in the bank parking lot when they were closed. I used to like riding on the one section of street because of the speed bumps there....pedal real fast and get that bike to jump over the hump.LOL. I really despised the day they put stones down on the roads in that park. I was speeding down the road as per usual and went to make a U -Turn to head back to mom and wiped out.... I still have a scar on my knee from that. Ended up with 2 stones in my knee that they had to peroxide out. It hurt almost as bad as the time I lost control and landed in this guy's rose bushes...

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