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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Entry for May 01, 2006

I have been looking around for old pictures for this blog and found this one in my baby book. I love this baby book...it's called All My Life and it truly encompasses my whole life. They dont make baby books like this anymore so I've decided when I finally start having my own children Im going to scan the pages and remove the writing and start new books for them. They wont be nearly as nice, but at least then they'll have something to treasure as they get older as it will take them all the way through until their grandkids. I need to redo a few of the pages now as I had that horrid divorce and need fresh new pages for my new life.
This picture is of the house we were renting near the one school. I've heard they changed it to some God aweful shade of blue. The front windows on the bottom were in my folk's room and the front up top were in my room. The windows behind that porch area belonged to the kitchen (bottom) and the upstairs one was in a HUGE playroom for my bro n me.The one window right over the porch (kinda in the corner there) belonged to my brother's room. That was a room I remember spending some time in that winter as my bro developed asthma and spent a good deal of time in a mist tent. There was a nice livingroom area downstairs and a half bath Im guessing. I remember a shower off the livingroom area but I dont remember a toilet. Not likely they'd only have the one toilet in a 2 story house though. Now that I think of it, I dont recall a full bathroom anywhere in that house...a sink and toilet upstairs...but no tub. We each got our first showers in that house because we'd always had baths up to that point.
I dont remember much about the backyard, although when I pop the address up on the map programs I see a rather large one. Im wondering if something had happened back there that frightened me at one point as I have such vivid memories of the trailor and not so many of this house. Although I remember having a rather large room to myself (finally) and that we didnt put real curtains up because we werent staying long. I remember dad's old army blankets hooked to the curtain rods with clothes pins. I remember not feeling comfy in that room at night and seeingly my "curtains" having pictures of monsters on them (black had dracula and green was Frankenstein) and not being able to sleep well unless mom came in and told any n all ghosts n ghoulies to leave the upstairs and come down to play downstairs. I dont recall using the playroom much...for some reason I didnt like that room much either. I remember likin the kitchen and livingroom areas though. They felt warm and friendly and bro was always smelling chocolate in the kitchen even if mom hadnt been baking at all. I didnt like even looking in the pantry as it was the entry for the basement and those stairs looked plumb nasty...and ohhhhhhhhhh was it cold in there...even in the warmer months.
As I mentioned in the second paragraph, my bro developed asthma while in this house. I remember helping mom make bricks of ice outta half gallon milk containers and helping cart those puppies upstairs to put into the humidifier at the back of his mist tent. Due to his asthma, my brother didnt really grow too much. For a long time he was rather small for his age.... but God Blessed him in other ways and gave him a brain that was absolutely phenominal...smart as a whip and could grasp concepts quicker than most. He was always making the cover of the school newsletter for one thing or another.
We stayed in this house for about a month and a half. Only reason I even know is it's written in my baby book.LOL. I remember sometime during our stay that we slept in our parents room down stairs because it was so cold upstairs. Im thinking about then mom must have been packing the house up as one day I went to school from that house and was told to take a bus home and go to the new house.
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Intense Guy said...

You are a lot like your brother -as you put it, "smart as a whip and could grasp concepts quicker than most".

LadyStyx said...

Nahhh. He's the smart one. Im just a happy medium between normal humans and the super nerd that is my brother. ~grinz~