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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Entry for Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Aint this a nice picture? This was taken before I was born and is of my daddy's mom and dad (the grandfather I never knew). This is the gramma that's fighting cancer in my main blog.
More memories of the trailor...My mom was and still is rather creative. I remember some Halloweens growing up, not for the costumes I wore...but more for those she made for her n daddy for their friends parties. One in particular was a nursery rhyme themed party Im guessing because her n daddy went as Humpty Dumpty and the wall! LOL!! Im not sure where the egg costume got to but I remember the wall costume being in the house for at least a couple weeks after the party. I remember it infront of the free-standing freezer in the livingroom and I remember being just small enough to squeeze into the opening in it (mom had cut a door up where dad's face would be so he could eat and drink) to sit inside.
I remember one male neighbor we had. The sweetest man you could ever wish to meet. He used to have a really nice friend that would visit now n then. I never really understood then why that friend was over so damn much. My mom was friends with both and often you could find them all out talking. I think mom felt closer to the neighbor's friend as I remember later in life after we moved, we always saw the friend more often than that neighbor. I found out later (when I could understand it much better) that the neighbor was jealous and thought my mom was tryin to steal his friend away. Yep, that's right, we had our own version of Brokeback Mountain even back then.
I remember the schools I was going to back then too. While I was in the trailor, I was in St Daniels for kindergarten through second grade. I dont recall having too many friends during school to be honest. Many times I do remember feeling like a total outcast there. I remember the green, grey, black n gold plaid outfits that did nothing to camoflage a heavy girl...just made me look like a tank. I may have been slightly larger than the others...but dog this outfit made me look HUGE! To this day Im not fond of green and less fond of plaid. In third grade, the price to attend this school must have been a bit much for my folks as I started attending a public school. My best friend's brother was told to keep an eye out for me the first few days until I got the hang of things (boy did he hate that Im sure...not that I minded...he was ~cute~ *faints*). I remember not likin my third grade teacher too much....not at all. Not only was she mean, but she looked like a weasel too. I dont remember too much about that year other than it's the year we moved from the trailor to a rental house 3 doors down from the new school I was at and I was able to walk to and from school. I remember my grades weren't too good that year as I was in a new school and I had moved and I dont do change too well. We were in that one house for only a few months.
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