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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Entry for October 17, 2006

Sorry for the delay. I was realizing as I was typing this that it was the cause for some of my migraines and felt it would be best to set it down for a bit.

Sorry for the length of time between entries, dont know where the time went. So hard to do it at home as he is getting nosier with each day.
Well as I was hanging my coat, Jim decided to grab his coat and leave. I was in absolute and complete shock. Totally embarrassed. So I swung to the other side of the table and sat down. G* said he refused to chase after him and he was hungry... then told me I wasnt going either. Well fine I wont. We sat and talked a long time. I spilled my guts about everything. Jim spent the whole time outside- he made it to the car eventually and sat there for the duration.

To say he merely left, is yet another understatement. He more like STORMED out of the establishment drawing attention from most of the patrons like some damn drama queen. Lord knows where he went to because he didnt go straight to the car. The car was parked right outside of the window where we were seated so I could SEE when he got back in the vehicle. When he did get into the vehicle he sat there with his arms crossed tightly and stared at the two of us as we had supper and talked. If I had been smart I would have sicced the restaurant manager on him, but if I had he would have left us there for a long cold walk home.

G* and I talked at length. I told him when we left I needed to place a phone call... just in case. So I called my friend (I knew them through a chatsite) that lived about 30 minutes out. We'd already discussed Jim and his moods at great length over several conversations and I had out and out asked if things got rough enough if I could get picked up and get outta there and I had been promised yes (I must've been thinking something like this would happen). I called and let my friend know all that was going down . My friend got upset (something about being through the same thing twice already themselves). I said I was going to go home and see what was what...see what would happen and I'd call later. G* and I left the restaurant and got into the car.

This "friend" I called really let me down. Flaked out when the going got rough and didnt stand by their word. Why Im still protecting the identity of this person I have friggin clue because I found out much later they spread the nasty rumor that I was stalking them. Yeah right. Here I thought I knew them well, thought I had a kindred spirit, a friend.... and come to find out I didnt. Damn idiot was spineless and weak. Taught me to trust NO ONE unless I've talked to them for several years or at least know them in person.

Jim patched off at 60 mph in the parkinglot. I wasnt even belted in yet. He hit that dip between the hotel and the restaurant next door and of course I ended up hitting my head on the ceiling HARD. Good thing there Was no ice on the roads because we woulda had an accident for sure. We got back to home and Jim stormed into his room. I apologized profusely AGAIN to G*.

The restaurant's parking lot was hooked to the lot attached to the hotel next door. There was a steep decline between the lots with the hotel being on the lower end. It was definitely something you couldnt take at the posted 35 much less the 60mph that he was driving. We hit the top and the car was actually AIRBORNE a full 3 seconds...as we hit the ground, I was still moving upwards. Im surprised I didnt get a concussion with as hard as I hit. I had a lump up top for days ...so I probably did. That didnt bother me so much as the look he gave me in the review mirror as it happened. The asshole actually looked HAPPY at the possibility that I'd be hurt. The look was a pure evil grin. I'll never forget that....never at all. The roads on that street are narrow AND there's street parking to boot. Many apartments along that main drag and NO lots for them to park in.
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Wednesday October 18, 2006 - 12:01am


Anonymous said...

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LadyStyx said...

A translation of the above. According to Google translator it's in Russian. I double checked in babelfish:

"Is remarkable also the frequency of illegal amorous connections in criminals on the passion. Marriage, as all social establishments, is calculated, strictly speaking, for the normal women; usual married woman never loves so strongly in order to think about the suicide, when it widows. Then woman with the strong and passionate nature finds frequently in the obstacles, which the society"

The comment then ends so I'm not certain what all else was in the thought.